The Quantity of Quality: How It Was at the First H1 Area Conference

As a dear colleague of ours wisely summed up our clubs’ expectations when it comes to people and experiences, we don’t aim for quantity, but for quality. The great thing is that here at Toastmasters there is always a great quantity of quality, regardless of the number of the people in the room or the extent of the activity we are involved in.

This idea can pretty much sum up the 3-day Area Conference we hosted in Brașov this past month. One might say that there were less people than we expected, consequently less participants in the contests than forecasted, maybe less degrees outside than desired and for sure less coffee (i.e. none at all). What one could not possibly say is that there was less enthusiasm, less smiles and less open hearts.

Beautiful, amazing people came to the home of Brașov Toastmasters Club with passion for public speaking and desire to make new friends, ready to give it all they’ve got, knowing that they would get much more out of this experience than they put into it.

At the end of 3 days full of trainings, networking, laughter, contests, good food, crazy dances and beautiful people, this experience made us all winners. And because nothing would have been possible without the amazing team of Brașov Toastmasters Club, allow me to pay the deepest thanks to those who gave a helping hand before the conference, to those who stepped in during the conference and the warmest congratulations to those who ended up on the podium.

Having said this, the applauses and bows go to…

Alexandru Voicu-Vulcănean – in charge of pretty much… everything. From accommodation, breaks, lunch and dinner to preparing the room and greeting the guests, he did them all and he did them well;

Valentin Ogner – in charge with the location;

Olivia Podobea – training delivery and contest judge;

Teodora Zegrean – in charge of participants’ registration and contest judge;

Patricia Popescu – ballot counter and chocolate provider;

Daniel Ghigea – 3rd place winner both in Table Topics and Prepared Speeches in Romanian;

Catalin Paval – 2nd place winner in Table Topics in Romanian and facilitator of a brainstorming session between clubs;

William Anderson – 2nd place winner in Prepared Speeches in English and on-going helper throughout the event;

Cristian Nechifor – 1st place winner in Table Topics in English, contest judge and on-going helper throughout the event;

Roxana Carceag – 1st place winner in Prepared Speeches in English and… stress-maker.

Bowing down, as usual, in front of my amazing team, I invite you now to read some of their thoughts as well.

by Roxana Carceag

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