The Awesome Team

This September, I was given the opportunity to be part of “The Awesome Team” that made the first H1 Area Conference possible in Brașov. It all started about a month ago when our thoughtful Club President, Roxana Cârceag, also known as Rox, asked me if I was interested in helping with the upcoming Area Conference. It peaked my interest and shortly after the meeting Andrei Popescu called me. He is a cool guy. He told me how my help was needed in finding an appropriate location for the conference, a place where we could have lunch and dinner; He also said I needed to be at the conference in order to deal with other things that might happen. After he thoroughly explained what I would need to do, I decided to accept the challenge.

Although the tasks I was given were simple, not having the experience of doing something similar before, made me want to crawl and hide in a Faraday Cage (check Wikipedia) where no email, text message or phone calls could reach me and wait there until.. the conference ended?

I chose not to. If Toastmasters has taught me anything, it’s that you can run (it’s healthy) but why would you hide? So, I broke the tasks into smaller and easier tasks and I requested help from my fellow Toastmasters. I ended up completing the tasks one by one, with work and patience. Not one day passed by without me asking myself: “Am I doing this right?

Soon, the big day came and I met Andrei, the cool guy, that provided support through all the preparation of the conference. Everything went well. I had the nice surprise seeing that I had done a good job. After all, I was part of “The Awesome Team”, as Andrei called us. I didn’t even realize that all that pseudo-overwhelming process had come to an end. I added the prefix „pseudo” because if I were to repeat the experience, it would not be overwhelming at all. That is why, I want to do it again, when an opportunity presents itself.

In the end, I would like to thank the three Gemini’s that provided help and support and without whose help, my job would have been harder. They are:

Andrei Popescu – The cool guy who summoned “The Awesome Team” and the Area H1 Governor;

Roxana Carceag – Who was there for me when I needed help the most.

Having said that, I look forward to the future events that will happen in the Toastmasters sphere. I hope that if another awesome team is summoned, I will have the chance to be part of it.

by Alexandru Voicu Vulcanean

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