Pumping Adrenaline

The local and area contests in September were the first ones I ever participated in since becoming a member of Toastmasters. For me what stood out was the experience of having more adrenaline pumping through my body than when giving speeches during regular meetings. I had to focus more on relaxing before I spoke but once I was up in front I felt pretty good. I think the experience one gains from participating in contests helps one to become a better speaker. So I encourage everyone in the club to participate in the next contest we have.

One of the other benefits of being involved in the first ever Area contest was that it gave me the opportunity to meet some great people from the clubs in București. Since Toastmasters is the place people come to become better speakers and leaders it is not surprising to meet some pretty incredible people. I am now looking forward to meeting even more great people at the national contest in October.

by William Anderson

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