Make Your Voice Heard Out There!

Have you ever had that feeling that even though you might know how to cook the most delicious dish in the world, no epicure bellies from Masterchef will ever taste it? Or that feeling of having what it takes to write the most amazing novel ever written, yet it will never be published? Or maybe the feeling that you’re developing the skills of delivering the most brilliant speeches the world has ever witnessed, yet you will never have the chance to make your voice heard?

Well, I have good news for you! Your time has come! You can always count on us to try your exquisite dish or breathlessly read your masterpiece. But starting with July 1st you can also count on us to be your companion on the journey of excellence in becoming the speaker you always dreamt to be. You have the opportunity now to make your voice heard!

Becoming part of the European District 95 has opened a lot of doors for all the members of Toastmasters here in Romania. Now we can take our public speaking passions even further, we can make our voices heard all around the world! This coming November we will have the opportunity to be heard during the International Conference and Speech Contest that will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. For the first time, we will stand on an international stage and speak in front of hundreds of people and proudly represent Romania Toastmasters. Nevertheless, in order to get there, we need to climb the stair of proficiency step by step, because only those who are determined and skillful will get to the top.

The very first step was attending the weekly Toastmasters meetings, every Tuesday and learning as much as you could from the feedback and the evaluations you received and gave, seeking to improve your weak areas and build further on upon your strengths.

The second step was participating in the Local Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contest that was organized by our club, on September 9th. Whether our members did a humorous speech or spoke in Table Topics or helped by being judges, timers and ballot counters, they really benefited from this experience and it helped them to climb another step up the ladder!

The third step was participating in the First H1 Area Conference and Speech Contest, that was held in Brașov, between September 19th and 21st, alongside with members from other Toastmasters Clubs from Area H1. It goes without saying that we did an awesome job and it led us a step closer to the top of the ladder!

The fourth step is the Division H Conference and Speech Contest, that is going to take place in Bucharest, between October 10th and 12th. Here you will get the chance to make your voice heard amidst the most renowned figures of Toastmasters Romania. But be careful! Prepare well and fight for it, because only the winner of the night will get the chance to have his voice heard on the international stage.

The last step will be to attending the Toastmasters District 95 Fall Conference in Frankfurt, Germany between November 14th and 16th. This is an amazing opportunity we have for the first time so I encourage all of you to take advantage of it. Come to the weekly meetings, learn, grow, make mistakes, stumble upon words, blush and laugh, ask questions, receive feedback open-heartedly seeking to continually improve as you climb the next step and the next one until you will make your voice heard out there. Make us proud!

by Roxana Carceag

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