Competition Is about Winning

Who thinks that participating into a competition is not about winning is totally wrong! Competitions are all about winning. Even if the only thing that you win is the experience of participation, the goal is the same.

Which brings me to the first H1 Area Conference that took place in Brașov. For me the theme was “First Time”. It was my first Toastmasters conference that I attended. Such an event is on a different level than our regular meetings when it comes to communicating and leading. The feedback experience is different. The judging roles, the time management abilities are put to the test throughout the three day event. The speaking experience is new when competing with people you don’t know.

As far as competitions go, this was my first Toastmasters contest I participated in outside my club. When you compete against the same people over and over again, the competition becomes monotonous, your motivation fades away. On the contrary, a contest like the one from the Area Conference, puts you up against people that have different styles and bring speeches from different perspectives.

This H1 Area Conference offered me the chance to win three things: my first participation at a Toastmasters Conference, the second place in a Table Topics contest. And third: The pride of being a Toastmasters member!

by Catalin Paval

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