First Impression – Catalin Paval

I’d heard about Toastmasters three years ago from PR Beta at a conference in Timisoara. Their Area 3 Governor, Raluca Moisi, kept saying after each speaker, “4 ahs, 6 pauses, 2 leanings on the table,” etc., and I had no idea what she was doing! Now I’ve joined a Toastmasters club, the place where she learned to effectively critique speeches.

When I went to a Brasov Toastmasters meeting for the first time last month, I knew I wanted to be part of a group of people who exercise and develop their speaking skills. Now I’m on my way to becoming a better speaker! On the next business meeting to my company’s headquarters, I will deliver a smoother presentation on my project. I will do this better because my fellow Toastmaster colleagues will have
given me feedback on my speech delivery, my posture and body language, my grammar, and verbal tics.

However, talking isn’t everything we learn at our meetings. Communication is listening just as much as it is talking. The goal of one of the tracks on the Toastmaster’s educational program is developing active listening skills and offering critical and constructive feedback to other speakers.

I’ve become a Toastmaster with the hope that through practicing and observing, I will become the person who will have no trouble speaking in front of others. I’ve become a member because Toastmasters clubs are the place “WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE.”

by Catalin Paval

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