Duck First, Swan After

I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes when I feel rejected from a group because I am different – be it in the way I look, think, or act – I remember the ugly duckling story of my childhood. This doesn’t mean I feel alone, ugly, or sad. It acts more as a reminder of the fact that this is a natural step I need to take in order to become a swan. So “duck first, swan after” is the statement I always have in mind when starting a new project or I face a new challenge that disarms me at first glance.

We thought this theory could perfectly apply also to the new Toastmasters year that began July 1. Your new officers of the Brasov Toastmasters Club believe that if at first we pedal with energy and enthusiasm under the water like the ugly duckling used to, someday we’ll get to delicately float like a swan. All things will be in their place and each one of us will be responsible enough to get the things going in the club without much effort. However, in order to get there, we need your help. We are a bunch of passionate fellows dreaming big and acting small. You may think 8 is a good number. We think it can get better with YOUR help. Yes, you, the one who’s reading these lines right now! But first, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Roxana Cârceag – President
William Anderson – Vice President of Education
Cristian Nechifor – Vice President of Membership
Marian Cadar – Vice President of Public Relations
Alexandru VoicuVulcănean – Sergeant at Arms
Olivia Podobea – Secretary
Patricia Popescu – Treasurer
Valentin Ogner – Immediate Past President

We are an enthusiastic team who believes that Together Everybody Achieves More and who has faith in the potential of this amazing organization we represent. Our flippers are relentlessly moving every day to keep pace with all the changes Romania Toastmasters is facing because of becoming a district effective July 1, 2014. Year end is going to be full of wonderful events and experiences like local, national, and international conferences; contests, teambuildings, and workshops; and other special events we will all benefit from. You don’t need to be part of the board in order to give a helping hand, to share a great idea you might have, or to bring in your expertise in various domains.

Be proactive and give more, and you’ll receive even more. Put on the goggles and get underwater with us! You’ll find out new, amazing things about what being a Toastmasters’ member is all about besides being at the weekly meeting and preparing for the role you take. You won’t believe how many perspectives can be displayed in front of your eyes and how enriched you can become by pedaling with us. Our wish for this current year is to pedal so wholeheartedly that when we pass the baton to the new team of officers on January 1, 2015, we will do it like a gracious swan with confidence and ease. So, duck first, swan after! Who’s ready to get some pedaling done?

by Roxana Carceag

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