Câmpia Turzii Boot Camp – July 11-13, 2014

Boot camp in a nutshell: a state of mind and spirit that lifts you to the sky while giving you a vision and a bird’s eye perspective on what Toastmasters is.

Benefits for all Toastmasters, no matter whether they are officers or members.
Origins and organization. You get them both in a boot camp thanks to the leaders present.
Outspoken people, awesome atmosphere.
Training for toastmasters interested in developing themselves, the organization, and the world they live in.
Challenges and chances. All people there get to be seen, remembered, and referred (at some point).
Amazing atmosphere. No judging, no misconceived ideas about people.
Members creating memories through music, mentoring, and magical mingling.
Participation, problemsolving, pizza, profiteroles, partyyyy!

by Olivia Podobea

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