Promises to Myself for This Toastmasters New Year

I have participated in three associations and found that boards come and go, sometimes making radical changes and sometimes making no changes. Toastmasters is no exception.

Even though people come and go in our club, I’ve been surprised to see that certain traditions have been kept sacred. I still find what I first loved about this club, and this rarely happens. People have different opinions and views, yet we have not been torn apart by subjectivity.

It’s been almost a year since I joined Brasov Toastmasters. The things I love are still all here: punctuality, my mentor, the welcoming atmosphere, honest and rough feedback, and the montagnerusse in my stomach when I give impromptu speeches. Yet I feel I have not taken full advantage of what’s offered. Therefore, I have made a few New Year’s promises to myself:

  1. Deliver a speech every three weeks;
  2. Obtain written feedback from both my evaluator and mentor each time I speak;
  3. Speak to a board member about club changes or suggestions I have in mind;
  4. At the end of a meeting, approach every member I have input for;
  5. Finish the rest of the leadership roles I have in the CL manual;
  6. Be the Toastmaster for a meeting.

With the latest board changes, I have high expectations for our club. I would like the same things I fell in love with to stay and to implement improvements for each member’s experience. We are a collective made up of individuals. If individuals leave, there’s no more collective. I have confidence that our board will enrich the experience for each individual so that each individual will take the initiative to invest in this club as a collective.

I hope you join me!

by Andreea Fanita

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