Being Awarded for a Dream

On March 23, I was invited to participate in a Toastmasters Gala/Conference entitled “Fema, nu doarvorbe” (“The Woman, More Than Words”) dedicated to successful women in general and, in particular, to the most distinguished female members of Toastmasters Romania. The event, organized by Toastmasters Cluj, was also attended by members from Toastmasters Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj, and, of course, Brașov, proudly represented by me.

In the first part of the event, we listened to five speeches delivered by five wonderful ladies from whose experience we all had a lot to learn. They were Mihaela Tatu, famous for the TV show “De 3x femeie;” Hedi Hoka, renowned business coach, trainer, and public speaker; Simona Baciu, president and founder of the Cluj International School; Bettina Binder, regional manager at Oriflame Cosmetics; and Irina Gașpar, reporter, moderator, and producer for TVR Cluj. The evening was dedicated to the Toastmasters women who had the greatest impact on the evolution of the Toastmasters’ community in Romania. I was introduced as always the sprinkle of color in all the events by my presence and enthusiasm, along with several other kind words. The chairperson granted me the honor of giving a short speech. Proud to represent Brașov Toastmasters, I would summarize my speech like this: If passionately living a dream is worth being awarded, then I give my deepest thanks to my amazing dream for offering me this honorable recognition. Thank you, Toastmasters, now and then and for the times to come!

by Roxana Carceag

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