Take a Role in the TM Meetings!

Being a TM member is challenging, especially when you take a leadership role or you are a speaker. Even if you are selected for an impromptu speech at Table Topics, it can be stressful.

Since I became a member, I have purposefully always tried to be a part of the meeting. I have carefully chosen my roles from the CL/CC manual. This is how I have learnt the most and developed my skills. The results are coming now without thinking, and they are usually sweet! Moreover, the TM experience has made me think about how I can improve what I do at work, especially in teaching my students. Each time I attend a meeting, I get new ideas from the speeches and by interacting with people.

The most important thing is your attitude and the way you take what the club gives you. The club presents many opportunities to help you discover the best of you. I would
particularly like to mention here the importance of a mentor. This is the person who can guide your way to become a better you. If you don’t have a mentor yet, choose one of the experienced members you want to emulate! It definitely makes a difference! He or she can guide you to choose the roles that suit you.

If you want more from yourself, take a role! Be an active TM member at every meeting!

by Mihaela DUDITA

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