Let’s Go to Chişinău!

Toastmasters members from Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine will soon be taking part in the first International Conference of 2013. In April, two clubs from Chişinău, Top Toastmasters Club and English Speaking Club, are organizing their first big event. Even though they claim to be young clubs with little experience, their initiative to organize an international contest is appreciated and should be marked in red on your calendar.

A rough draft of the event agenda looks like this:

  • 4 workshops conducted by people from the 3 countries involved
  • Prepared Speech Contest, Evaluation Contest, coffee breaks, networking, guest speaker

I hope by now you’re wondering what this will cost!

  • Early Bird participation fee: 30 lei (includes coffee breaks only)
  • Participation fee: 40 lei (includes coffee breaks only)
  • Travel: The best way is by car, approx 8 hours. NOTE – You will need valid passport in order to travel in Moldova!
  • Accommodation: we can find cheap accommodation for about 50 lei/night

Who’s going? So far, Anca Gânscă, Cristian Muşa, Iulian Dudiţă, Ion Ursu, and I will be your joyful companions. Of course we will want to travel there at least one day earlier to visit the city, meet the other Toastmasters, and, as we always do, make the best of this new amazing experience. I strongly encourage you to join us in what I’m sure will be yet another Toastmasters adventure!

Come on! Cut the buckle and let’s go to Chişinău!

by Roxana CARCEAG

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