First Impression – Ruxandra Oprica

I’ve known about Toastmasters ever since it started in Brasov in 2010. I heard that the meetings were held at the Aro Palace Hotel and thought it must be one of those exclusive clubs – definitely of no use to me!

A few months ago I met Roxi Cârceag at a public event and had the chance to ask her  some straight forward questions. I learned that Toastmasters is focused on personal development, especially on public speaking and leadership skills. I thought, “Hmmm, this could help me with the work I’m doing.”

The following Tuesday I went to my first meeting. I was surprised to see some members I knew, even Competent Comunicators, which impressed me. I also appreciated that the meeting started on time. I am used to events starting 15-20 minutes late. At Toastmasters, members arrived on time. And it actually ended on time, too! I was impressed 🙂

After attending a few more meetings as a guest, I decided that this was something I should do. I was sure it would help me in my career. Besides, I was ready to write and present my first speech!

by Ruxandra OPRICA

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