Difficult Choices

Events, events, events! Events everywhere…but which one to pick?

Many Toastmasters’ local and international events have been announced for this year. Just take a look at the list on the right side of this page!

Which one should you choose? Here’s my quick answer: the one that suits you most considering your level, time, and money. Now here’s my real answer: If you can attend all of them, do it!

A contest or an event gives you the chance to practice in front of an entirely new audience, to compete alongside other members from your club, and to get to know how Toastmasters are around the country and the world. There are many things our clubs have in common, yet there are also a lot of differences. There are so many speakers with different styles that you’ll be amazed by the experience.

It’s tremendous fun when the event starts, but until then you have to prepare yourself. Start working on your speeches and practice, practice, practice. Concentrate on your weakest points and do your best to remove them. There’s a whole club backing you up!

Think about making this your year to speak, entertain, and inspire!

by Cristian NECHIFOR

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