Evaluating the Professionals at Bucharest Business Days

Every new Toastmasters event I take part in opens doors for me. Every step I take with Toastmasters is a step forward. After participating in the July Cluj Business Days, I was asked to participate in the December Bucharest Business Days as an evaluator for all the great speakers there. It was the most important business event of the year, and I got to be an active part of it! How amazing is that?!

Anca Gânscă, Cristian Mușa, and I from the Brasov TM club along with twelve other Toastmasters members from Cluj, Timișoara, Bucharest and Chișinău spent two days full of enthusiasm and effervescent agitation, because the job we were given was not piece of cake at all. Evaluating the greatest speakers of 2012 was a fun, yet serious, assignment. The main challenge for us was to keep our objectiveness in dealing with the performance of the speakers and, at the same time, make use of all the strategies and artifices we had learnt and developed at Toastmasters. We were there to help the professionals improve!

The topics covered in these two days were very wide. There were speeches about leadership and management, public speaking and communication, personal development, entrepreneurship, finances and economics, a little bit of politics, personal life stories, the power of internet, IQ and EQ, tips and tricks to success, interactive talks, and so many others, all of them covering 4 conferences, 24 workshops and 3 panels. Once more, the stakes for us evaluators were huge, because none of us was specialized in all the domains mentioned above, yet we all had to give evaluations.

Fortunately, the evaluation forms provided by Timisoara Toastmasters (partners of Business Days) plus the knowledge accumulated over time at our Toastmasters meetings helped us handle this new and intriguing charge we had happily accepted. And I must say it was worth it!

The next Business Days session is going to be held in the second half of March. I encourage you to take another step forward in your Toastmasters adventure and to be part of it. I will keep you posted!

by Roxana Carceag

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