In the Beginning . . .

It was the 25th of May 2010. For me, that was the day when Brasov Toastmasters started. Some of the first members were getting ready for a one day trip to Bucharest to see how Toastmasters worked for real, to observe the Bucharest club in action. It was the first time I felt enthusiastic about starting a club in Brasov.

When Rinda asked me to be part of this club and help her get it started, my first thought was, ‘OK, I’ll do it because I know Rinda, and I don’t want to let her down.’ However, after I saw the Bucharest club in action, after I saw the potential and the difference it could make on the idea and practice of public speaking, I wanted to have something similar in Brasov.

Other new members joined after that trip to Bucharest. There are sweet memories about those first days: mistakes, fear, stress, moving from place to place, fun, emotions, and again and again new people and new levels of involvement and skills. It was an exciting time as we counted the new members after every meeting trying to reach the magic number of twenty in order to become a chartered club. It was amazing that we did it in one month!

At that time I felt that Rinda and I were the most experienced in public speaking. Actually, that was true only because we had had previous opportunities to speak before an audience. But if you heard me speak only a few days ago, you would have heard me say, “Man, I feel I’m left behind. People that “yesterday” barely could stand in front of us and say a few words now seem as if they were born to speak.” I also felt OK about my English skills in the beginning. Now I want to hide! Why do I have the feeling that I’m getting old? It’s a good thing TM is about our personal journey in self-improvement and not a competition!

Toastmasters is a great place to practice with dedicated members who have shown a passion to raise the standards. I’m proud to be a charter member of this club. Thank you, Brasov Toastmasters, for keeping me young!

by Costi FILOTE

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