A Trip on Tampa

a_trip_on_tampaMay 13th was the day Brasov Toastmasters celebrated spring. We gathered at Modarom and hiked up Tampa. The path we chose was a very nice one and not too hard. We had a pleasant walk allowing us to see the town from above.

On our way up, we shared impressions about different things, made jokes (especially Alex), and we arrived in “SauaTampei” more than ready for the potluck picnic. Cristian brought his mom‟s delicious schnitzels and Rinda her homemade brownies, so everything went according to plan.

Afterwards we played some games which gave us the opportunity to put to work our communication skills. It was fun and inspiring. Roxi, Jad, and Rinda – I hope one day I‟ll be able to keep up with you! We had hoped for a sunny day, and we were lucky at the beginning. Towards the end, the weather was not so friendly because of some big grey clouds, so we made our reunion a little bit shorter.

However, it was a lovely time, and I thank you all for this beautiful end enriching day.


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